Trieste at Night

*Click on the photos to open up their full-sized view.

The last day of my Great Northern Italy Adventure with my best friends took me to the city of Trieste, in northeastern Italy, quite close to its border with Slovenia. The city is quite picturesque at any time of day. I’d previously posted photos of the Canal Grande di Trieste and Dusk Over the Adriatic, and so here are some photos of the city lit up at night. 

My day in Trieste was quite exciting, especially when I tried to take the train back to Venice to go back home to New York and a suicide on the rails made me miss my flight; I ended up staying for what turned out to be an awesome New Year’s extravaganza in the next city on our itinerary, Padova.

*I believe that one of my good friends took these photos that ended up in my album, either Paolo, Allie, or Joseph.