Lifetramp Featured

I’ve often felt lost with regards to what I really want to do with my life; there’s so many great options – I’ve thought about being an itinerant wanderer, police officer, international spy, and even a gentlemanly-sort of bank robber.

I’ve realized what I want to do with my life, which is to travel and write, but there comes many days where sometimes my heart wanders. I ponder what it’d be like to trade stocks, or be a bartender, or even a clothing designer. There’s almost no way anyone would hire me in these fields, so I would simply let the momentary desire run its course and fade away naturally. But I need not do that anymore.

Lifetramp LogoLifetramp is a brand-new platform based in Warsaw, Poland that aims to connect people through a sharing environment and help you fill these wishes. The concept is simple, essentially: there are mentors, and there are the namesake Lifetramps. Lifetramps browse through the profiles of mentors, and request to follow them around for a day, to see what it’s like in their shoes. Mentors sign up offering to be available to have a Lifetramp tag along and get a feel for their particular hobby, job, or passion.

I believe that Lifetramp is a very valuable and worthy platform, as there are numerous reasons that a person might want to seek to get involved with a mentor. Perhaps someone is unsure whether a particular career path is suitable for them; maybe a person just wants to get life experience by spending a day in the life of many different individuals. Whatever the intentions of a person seeking a mentor, I believe that Lifetramp will help foster communication between various, disparate groups of people, groups of people who might never have come into contact with each other had it not been for a platform such as this.

Imagine a banking executive spending a day off with a fisherman, or a lumberjack shadowing an environmentalist around for the day. (There aren’t yet any career thieves of financial institutions.) Lifetramps can learn a bit of the skills and challenges that face people in that career path or job industry. These instances can only improve dialogue and open minds, and in an age where the middle class is slowly disappearing and the divide between rich and poor grows ever more apparent, the Lifetramp platform is sure to become one of the most useful and beneficial social tools of this age.

Currently, there are no fees involved with Lifetramp; those seeking a mentor are requested to simply buy their mentor lunch in reciprocation, or something to that effect. The project is in its early stages currently, but things may change in the future. Similar to Couchsurfing, in a way, is the wonderful, central aspect that people who might never have crossed paths earn an opportunity to do so. Also like Couchsurfing is the no-obligation policy, both for mentors and Lifetramps; it’s up to both parties to decide how much time they can afford.

Whether you’re curious about a particular subject without intention of making it a career or if you’re still trying to find your life’s path, Lifetramp is sure to be a valuable tool to help you figure it out. And hey, you’ll make some new friends, as the cherry on top. So give it a shot  – define your path, but try everything first.

Check out the neat intro video below, as well.

*My sincere thanks to Michał Michalski, the Lifetramp Community Manager and a new friend, for all his help, time, and support with learning about Lifetramp and how valuable a tool it is!