Around Stockholm

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Stockholm is quite a beguiling city; from the centuries-old buildings still standing in Gamla Stan, to the more modern office towers across the canal, Stockholm has something for every taste.

I must say that nighttime in Stockholm didn’t leave me or my friends with a great impression at first take. Napping until around 10pm, we left our rooms to venture out into the city for dinner. We’re New Yorkers, and though we shouldn’t compare another city to the Big Apple’s 24-hour nature and energy, we figured Stockholm for a world city, and thus thought that we’d have no trouble getting something to eat. Alas, we were quite wrong, and we wandered about for an hour before finally admitting defeat and settling for the only open food establishment – McDonald’s. One of my friends was so adamantly against McDonald’s wage and farming practices that he stuck loyally by his boycott; he went instead to the only other outlet that had anything of nutritional value for sale – a 7-11 convenience store.

We left our respective eateries feeling a bit dirty for eating where we had, and a meal at McDonald’s in Sweden is a veritable highway robbery. However, soon we were walking through the streets of Stockholm once again, and our moods picked up. The city at night is quite picturesque, and it is serene in a way that seems impossible for a major city to be. Stockholm, for the few faults that you can attribute it, quickly redeems itself.