St Lawrence Gap Barbados

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St. Lawrence Gap is a little neighborhood in southern Barbados, a couple miles east of Bridgetown, the capital, on its namesake, the St. Lawrence Bay. It’s actually one of the more popular areas for locals and tourists alike, as there are plenty of bars in the area; it’s especially poppin’ on the weekends. Locals lovingly refer to it as “the Gap,” and its close proximity to Bridgetown makes it easy to accommodate on any trip to the island; it’s but a 20 minute ride on the bus from the central bus terminal along Bay Street and Hastings Rd. Make sure to sit on the right side of the bus near a window on your way there, because the views of the beach are spectacular.

… and just because I have it, here’s a short video clip of the serenity which awaits you at the Gap: St Lawrence Gap Barbados