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I’m not sure why I’ve taken so long to report about my new favorite website, but better late than never, I guess. Rome2Rio is my new go-to site, my current main squeeze. It’s not a travel booking site, and it doesn’t help much in terms of price comparison; rather, it simply gives you the transportation options available to get to one destination from another.

When you go to the home page, you are met with the cleanest and easiest-to-understand input box. One box you type in where you want to start from, and the second one you type your destination. Easy-peasy. And on the following page, it will give you a left-hand sidebar, which displays different ways to arrive at your destination, while everything to the right of that is a large map that shows the route selected and puts things into perspective.

Rome2Rio Screenshot
As you can see above, this site gives you every transport option that they’ve aggregated together. I chose a trip from Gdańsk, Poland to Copenhagen, Denmark as the example, since I believe it shows every kind of transportation available except horseback. Flights tend to come first, since the results are ordered by a combination of travel time and price. Following flights are trips by train, bus, and even a ferry across the Baltic Sea. Driving sometimes is an option, though I’m not sure how the site determines when to display it as its own option. Note that prices are not accurate, but rather their approximation; however, you can select dates at the top of the page near the destination entry fields, and it will update ONLY the prices and availabilities of flights.

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  1. Rome2rio is a booking site now – will show you hotels and help you book. I haven’t booked through them yet, that’s why I was looking for reviews.

    • Kinda, but you don’t finish booking on their site, right? I believe you still click over to the appropriate transportation sites to complete purchase. Thanks for stopping by, Caylee!

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