Reno Arch (1)

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I lived for a year in the San Francisco Bay Area, and before I moved back home to New York City, I decided I should see some sites on the West Coast that were easily accessible for me. One weekend, my then-girlfriend and I decided to take a spontaneous road trip to Reno, Nevada.

They call Reno “the Biggest Little City in the World.” The drive to get there is quite rural, and the 200 miles took just about 3 and a half hours, with stopping. As we neared the city, we could see the lights, emanating in the distance. And then, all of a sudden, we were there, passing through the iconic Reno Arch.

The Arch in Reno is just one of those landmarks that are quintessentially American. The arch that is in its place now is the third incarnation, since it has been built three times since its original fabrication in 1926. I passed through on the way in quite late at night, which makes for a nice photo with the arch all lit up; on the way back to California, we left during midday, stopping once more to capture the iconic sign in daylight.

Reno Arch (2)