Piazzale del Castello rooftops

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Piazzale del Castello (Castle Square) is located on a hill, 138 meters up, in Udine, Italy. This piazza is named for the Castello di Udine (Castle of Udine) which sits in the center. From the top of the hill, you are afforded stunning views of the city and the rust-colored rooftops of the houses below. On the other side of the piazza is a majestic panorama of the mountains, with Austria directly on the other side.

Here are a few more:

Piazzale del Castello (6) Piazzale del Castello (3)

These photos were taken by my friends and me during our Great Northern Italy Adventure, on December 26, 2012. If you think the photos are decent, then Paolo, Alessandra, or Joseph probably captured them; if you find them to be hideous and nauseating, then I might have taken that one ;)