Romerberg Frankfurt
The Römerberg plaza in Frankfurt am Main. Taken by Wikimedia Commons user Thomas Wolf.

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The photo this week is of the Römerberg (Roemerberg), a historic plaza in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. It is centered around the Römer building, which is the second (from the left) of the pointed-rooftop buildings in the above photo. This photo is of the western facade of the Roemerberg (these buildings face east), and from left to right of the 5 steep-roofed buildings in the photo are: Haus Alt-Limpurg, Haus zum Römer, Haus Löwenstein, Haus Frauenstein, and the Salzhaus.

The Römer building, called the Haus zum Römer, is the centerpiece and oldest building of the group. In the photo above, it is the second of the 5 buildings. Römer has been the city hall, or Rathaus, for over 600 years, since the city acquired it in 1405. It is still actually used by the city for several purposes, such as as a civil registration office (Standesamt). Wedding rooms are located in the Haus Löwenstein.