We-Met-On-A-PlaneHas your flight ever deplaned late, forcing you to stand-by for the next flight to your destination, which could possibly be the next day? Well, this article has nothing to do with that kind of missed connection, but rather the Craigslist variety.

We’ve almost all had that experience, that goes something like this:

After settling into your aisle seat, you get interrupted by who is going to be your seatmate for the next few hours. You politely get up and step back into the aisle (air travel may be a high-tech industry, but it seems they will never solve the boarding procedure), and you allow the person to pass. Maybe they make a witty comment to you, or perhaps you are the one to strike up a conversation, but as the flight progresses, you find yourself somewhat attracted to your neighbor. The conversation is so smooth and intriguing that the two of you find the flight landing much sooner than expected. You deplane and wave goodbye to each other, and then you head off in separate directions.

As soon as it is too late, you realize that you hadn’t exchanged contact info, and you sure wish you had.

Perhaps you saw that handsome guy or sexy gal at the gate, while you waited to board; or maybe you saw them in a nearby aisle, and exchanged flirtatious, long stares at each other as you went to the restroom. Maybe the connection was merely platonic, a person who could be a great friend, or a good possible business aquaintance, instead of being a potential lover. Or maybe you were just too nervous to ask any personal questions with every other passenger within earshot. Whatever the case may be, there comes a time when we regret that missed connection, and we kick ourselves for it for the rest of the day.

Now, there is a new site that aims to reconnect you with that special someone, or otherwise lengthen the anxiety: www.wemetonaplane.com. We Met On A Plane is a web startup brainstormed by an Australian man, Will Scully-Power. Will met his girlfriend on a flight, and wondered what would have happened had they not exchanged contact information en route. Thus, this baby was born.

How it works: Go to the website and search for that person using your flight number, year, month, date, origin or destination. Their search engine will display results of all stories from that specific flight that have been shared by other passengers. If you recognize a story, you may post a reply to it and they will be emailed immediately. If no stories match your search, you can click “Share Your Story” and write about your experience. You can share your Facebook profile URL, and then leave it to chance (somewhat greater, now) that they will ‘Friend’ you. Their motto is:

Help us help you find them!

It is not a dating site, but Will has great plans for future enhancements of the site.


  1. you can never tell if someone likes you or they are just being nice. Oh boy isnt that embarassing to get a crush, to find out they were only being nice to you cause they felt bad for you. OH THE EMBARASSMENT. Missed connections is a cool idea, but its never used for people who had a nice conversation but were too shy to ask for a phone number. Its for creepy stalkers who were watching patrons the whole time from the corner. You dont want to meet them, but they most definitely want to meet you.

    • Jason, though you frequently comment with some amusing thoughts, your insight here makes sense. We Met On A Plane may very well attract all sorts of weirdos, stalkers, and others with malintent, as Craigslist has proven.

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